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Suggested Route Maps are Here!

Hooray! We’re excited to share suggested walking and bicycling route maps that offer guidance on how to get to your neighborhood school. For English and Spanish versions, hop on over to our Project Documents page.

City of Davis Safe Routes to School


Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the project.   The team received valuable input and have finalized documents.


Welcome to the Walk & Bike Audit Project


In the Spring of 2013, we reviewed school-related transportation issues. This project is an important opportunity to identify ways to improve walking and biking access to schools for students and their families. Results of these audits will be used as part of the City’s long-term transportation planning strategies to implement positive changes in neighborhoods adjacent to schools. The goal is to provide safe and fun routes to schools that promote walking and biking as primary modes of transportation.

The City of Davis has identified this as a goal for a number of reasons:

  • Reducing the number of cars on the road in the morning commute to school makes transportation for children safer and improves air quality.
  • Walking or riding a bike or scooter to school is good exercise, improves fitness, and has been demonstrated to positively impact school performance.
  • Walking or biking to school promotes community, and enables students to become more familiar with navigation and their school neighborhood.
  • Students who are responsible for getting themselves to school have lower rates of tardiness, and develop a sense of independence and confidence.
  • The use of fossil fuels is one of the leading contributors to global warming, and an increased use of active forms of transportation helps our planet.

Key aspects of this project include:


Community Forums

Two meetings with the city-wide community to learn about the project, discuss challenges, and brainstorm solutions.



School Walk and Bike Audits

Parents, community members, stakeholders will join City Staff and the consultant team on a walkability and bikeability audit for each of the participating schools.



Improvement Report

The findings from the Community Forums and Audits will be presented in an Improvement Report for public review. The final report will be grant ready to the City and schools can apply for grant funding to implement the recommendations.


Walk & Bike to School Maps

As part of the audits, we will work closely with the community to identify the best walking and biking routes to school and develop user-friendly maps for students and families to chart their routes to school.


Participating Schools

  1. Birch Lane Elementary
  2. North Davis Elementary
  3. Patwin Elementary
  4. Pioneer Elementary
  5. Willett Elementary
  6. Marguerite Montgomery Elementary
  7. Korematsu Elementary
  8. Cesar Chavez Elementary
  9. Harper Junior High
  10. Holmes Junior High
  11. Emerson Junior High/da Vinci Junior High